Reduce Paperwork and Save Time

Data entry practices are time-consuming and require high degree of attention to detail. What can help small trucking companies and brokers to economically manage large volumes of data entry and documentation?


Eliminate Time Consuming Paperwork

Paperwork is time consuming and frustrating. What if you could send your weekly reports and tickets to your brokers electronically directly from your phone? No more paperwork lost in the mail!

Save Money

Lower your administration cost by replacing inefficient paper intensive processes.

Save Time

Instant access to real-time information and easy to use reporting system measins you don’t have to keep your customers waiting.

Increase Accuracy

Reduce clerical errors, do less far data entry with DT Rerporting App that integrates information from all drivers into one single location.

Reduce Paperwork

Save countless hours of administrative data entry with our integrated app that lets’ drivers submit their information so that’s instantly available to you in electronic format. Think green! Save a Tree!

What is DT Reporting?

DT Reporting is an electronic paperless ticket processing system. Instead of the driver filling out a paper form and sending it weekly over regular mail with the corresponding tickets, the ticket information is entered directly on the app together with pictures of the tickets. The information becomes available to the broker in real-time. There is no more mail for your business to open and sort. Almost all paper processing is eliminated, instead the data and the related documents are delivered digitally to your own business portal ready for viewing and processing.

How does the broker access this information?

The Driver enters the information via the DT Reporting App, once submitted, the information becomes available in the Broker portal almost instantaneously. The weekly reports can be viewed and downloaded in excel or PDF format to be imported into the Broker software and/or billing systems. Instant access to real-time information and easy to use reporting system, means you don’t have to keep your customers waiting.

How much does it cost?

There is no upfront or implementation cost and you can start using DT Reporting right away. Weekly reports can be downloaded and electronically imported into the software and/or billing system that you already have. The cost is a month-to-moth subscription fee for Brokers based on the volume of reports processed each month. The cost to the drivers is also a month-to-month subscription plan of $4.99 per month, approximately the cost of mailing the paper reports.