About Us


Our mission is to simplify and reduce paperwork from the dump truck industry thru the use of new technology.

Josue Lopez

Founder and CEO

Josue Lopez is the founder and CEO of Dump Truck Reporting Corp (DTR).

Josue brings over 20 years of experience in the dump truck industry. At age 16, he started his first business and by age 18 he bought his first dump truck. He became financially free by age 38 and now he runs multiple successful companies. In 2019, he published his first book “Your Giant or Your Monster: Who is Winning the Wealth Game?”, where he shares his secrets for success.  It was during this time that Josue realized that something had to be done about all the paper intensive processes in the dump truck industry. He decided to do something about it, and that is how DTR was born.

His passion is to help people and with DTR he wants to help brokers and drivers live a better life. For fun, he likes fishing, diving and traveling with his family.  With his wife, Keren and son Josue Jr., he resides in Bradenton, Florida.

Keren Lopez, CPA

Co-Founder and CFO

Keren Lopez is the co-founder and CFO of Dump Truck Reporting Corp (DT Reporting or DTR). In this position, Keren is responsible for the overall financial strategy and direction of DTR, she is in charge of treasury, accounting and tax. Originally from Cuba Keren has been a CPA since 2008. Her accounting career spans more than 20 years of varied experience in accounting, auditing and financial statement preparation.  Her experience with large multi-million-dollar Corporations have shown her how critical it is for businesses to embrace new technology in order to remain relevant. A business owner herself since 2004, Keren understands the issues that small business owners face.

Keren loves spending time with her family and traveling to Italy and around the Caribbean. Keren holds a BS in Accounting and Finance from the University of South Florida.