With 20+ years or experience we understand the complex demands of the dump truck industry.

  • Reduce the quantity of mail that your business receives on a weekly basis and simplify your paper ticket managing system. The documents and data are delivered digitally to your own business web portal ready for processing.
  • Do far less data entry with DT Reporting APP that integrates information from all drivers into one single location.
  • Streamline operations, lowering administrative costs and replacing inefficient paper intensive processes.
  • Have access to the weekly reports from anywhere, in any devise, in real time, due to our advance top of the line cloud computing system access.
  • Information can be access in real time and imported into your current software. Save countless hours of administrative work by downloading tickets directly into your computer and get paid faster.
  • Eliminate ticket booklets and lost tickets by utilizing our e-ticket function, where tickets can be created, signed and shared in real time with the customer, job-site manager and any other user via e-mail, text, etc.
  • Our customer support line is always available to answer any questions, between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm EST Monday thru Friday. Our staff will walk you thru how you can use DT Reporting as a complement to the software that you are already using.
  • Eliminate storage cost since the reports and tickets will be archived on the platform and available to the broker indefinitely, at no additional cost.
  • Have current and archived reports and tickets available at your fingertips.  Archived reports and tickets can be searched by Company, Driver and/or dates.

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